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I am an individual seeking insurance

Please contact your insurance broker to arrange a quote with Dawes.

To find an insurance broker we suggest that you use the National Insurance Brokers

Association's Need a Broker website.

I am an insurance broker

Xccelerate - our online quote tool for brokers

Welcome to Xccelerate! Our online quote tool designed to make transacting business with Dawes easier, faster, and more efficient.

Download Process Flowchart.

How do I start using Xccelerate?

Simply complete the registration form and once your account has been activated you will receive a link via email to get started.

Xccelerate can be accessed here:

What can I use Xccelerate for?

Through Xccelerate you can obtain new quotes for exotic, prestige, classic, vintage/veteran, high performance, and other specialist vehicles such as kit cars and hot rods.

Are there any quotes I still have to do manually?

The following risks will need to be submitted manually at this stage (using our quote request sheet below)

  • Quotes for more than 10 vehicles on the same policy
  • Quotes where there are multiple vehicles with different drivers (if the drivers are the same, you can quote up to 10 vehicles on the same policy in Xccelerate)
  • Quotes for Motorcycles/Dirtbikes are now on Xccelerate
  • Any mid-term endorsements

Who can I contact for assistance?

Download User Guide.

For any systems enquiries please contact our Customer Systems Helpdesk:

1300 729 935


Or for any underwriting enquiries please contact the Dawes team:

1300 188 299