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High end and extreme performance supercars are another of our specialties. These include, but are not limited to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maybach and Aston Martin. Your client's investment will be in good company.

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Trouble getting insurance?

Dawes is happy to consider most "troubled prestige drivers" (licensed drivers with a prior DUI or who have lost their licence in the past due to accumulating too many points).

DID YOU KNOW that our comprehensive motor vehicle policy comes with*:

  • 2% non-nominated driver feature where drivers over the prescribed age shown in the policy schedule, who drive the vehicle less than 2% of the time during the period of insurance do not have to be listed on the policy.
  • Replacement vehicle (in the event of a total loss), with a new vehicle of the same make, model and series (where available) or payment up to sum insured. This only applies for total loss claims made in the first 36 months, where you are the first registered owner and have continually held cover through Dawes.
  • Emergency accommodation or travel expenses up to $2,000 incurred in relation to a covered accident which occurs more than 100 kms from home.
  • Towing up to $2,000 if your motor vehicle is accidentally damaged or recovered after being stolen.
  • Options, accessories or modifications are all covered as part of the sum insured if we're told about them and we agree to cover them.
  • Trailers up to $1,000 or market value (whichever is the lesser) if it's damaged accidentally while attached to your client's motor vehicle and is otherwise uninsured.
  • Windscreen or broken glass cover repair or replacement of one windscreen broken glass or sunroof glass (including panoramic glass roof) per insurance period without paying an excess.
  • Emergency repairs up to $1,000 (incl GST).

Limits, conditions and exclusions apply.

*Limited summary only. For information on what is covered and what is not covered and for any terms, conditions, limits and excesses that apply please read the PDS.

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