Dawes Specialist Motor Insurer
Special Vehicles


The Dawes product range is highly specialised. It's a niche we've relished for over 25 years.

We can offer you

Personal Service

You deal directly with someone who specialises in Prestige, Exotic, Specialist Vehicles and Motorcycles. It's what they love, it's what they do - with a passion.

Decisions Makers

The person you talk to is a dedicated motor underwriter with decision making authority, which makes things simpler and saves valuable time and effort.

Fast Turnaround

We're known for our fast turnaround. At a minimum we aim to turn quotes around within one business day. That's what happens when you have knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic people onboard.


Some vehicles are as unique as the people who drive them. We assess each situation on its own merits.

Claims Services

We aim to make your claims process as efficient as possible, you make a simple call - and let our experienced team do the rest.